Individual Pursuit, Community Support

e3 Fitness is Denver's only fully customized group training program

Goal Based Programs

A single hard workout is easy to find.  A hard workout that allows you to do a harder workout next time, that's a fitness program.  We do programs with visible goals and clear feedback.

100% Directed Coaching

Never workout alone.  Have a coach every workout, for every move.

Tech-Based Results Tracking

Heart rate monitors for effort-based feedback.  InBody scans for body composition data.  Camera-captured movement analysis for mobility, activation, and posture.

Clean Facility

Full service training facility and locker rooms.  You bring the sweat, we mop it up.

Large Group Training

High-Energy, 30-minute workouts for cardio conditioning

Small Group Training

Intimate sessions personalized to your specific goals

Focus Sessions

What Are Your Goals?

Weight Loss

This track is designed for members who want to focus on losing that extra bit of weight before setting performance-based goals. Dropping some pounds will facilitate your engagement in more physical pursuits and make you more confident in what your body can achieve in and out of the gym.

It all starts with a comprehensive body scan, using your initial data to develop a structured path towards sustainable weight loss. Dropping fat requires more than just sweat; it requires learning new behaviors and pairing your in-gym efforts with smart out-of-gym decisions. The e3 Nutrition Program will provide you with a personalized, focused approach to your eating plan.

Muscle Development
Foundational Fitness
Ultimate Athlete

The e3 Experience

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