Featured Athlete

Cayce Cullinan

e3 is awesome! It has been a total game changer for me.

Why is fitness important to you?

I have always been passionate about sports, they have always been my healthy outlet for everything negative in my life. Fitness allows me to not only participate in but excel at sports both individually and with my 5-year-old son Ryder, who is an absolute madman.

How has the e3 Community helped your fitness?

e3 is awesome! It has been a total game changer for me. I don’t feel like I am just part of a community, I feel like I am part of a Team. I feel a sense of responsibility to myself and to my Team to show up and put in an honest effort with the best attitude possible. Show up and blow up!

What details can you share about your success in the last year plus of fitness?

Coach Clint says it best “consistency is the only medicine that works”. e3 has been the key to my success, because it makes me want to workout, consistently. I have never belonged to a gym that I truly felt that I “belonged” to. All of the coaches, as well as all of the other e3 members, are pure inspiration to me, you guys are awesome, a sincere thanks to you all.

What smoothie idea/flavor/theme would you like to have?

Something not too sweet and it has to have coffee or spark in it…

What non-profit would you like to benefit with your smoothie?

The American Alpine Club