Featured Athlete

Kathy Crabtree

I try harder, stay longer, and do better because of the E3 community.

Why is fitness important to you?

For me, fitness started as a means to an end and in your 20’s it was purely vanity. However, as the journey has gone on, it has grown to be my passion—I know it sounds pretty cheesy, but I love learning about fitness, trying new moves, trying new supplements, new ideas. It’s now my mental respite and the few moments I have to myself in the setting of a busy day. It’s where I reflect and resolve to be a better person for the day ahead. And even more importantly as my life evolves, my family has become my priority. My boys are active and despite my age, I want to play alongside them.

How has e3 or the e3 Community helped you in that regard?

I have experimented with various gyms, various trainers, various ideas and yet…nothing and no one is as dedicated to the health and well being of their members as I have seen with E3. The gym, the coaches, the chalk talks and the community speak to the level of skill and talent you are surrounded by. Every morning is inspiring as you see people working through injury, working for the next marathon, working on their personal best and the support through the staff is honestly nothing short of excellent. I try harder, stay longer, and do better because of the E3 community.

What is your biggest “health hurdle” and how do you overcome it?

Coming back from second baby has been quite challenging both from a fitness perspective as it seems I tend to injure myself more and the lack of sleep slows me down.

What is your chief goal right now with your fitness?

I feel like I dialed in my nutrition and exercise plan earlier this year with Justin so now I am honing in on endurance and more importantly presence. I am trying to focus on each session, each rep rather than just “getting through it.” They say 50% of your day is dictated by habit and getting to the gym daily has become a habit. Refining what I do at the gym and how I do it, is the challenge.