10th Annual Turkey Donation INFERNO!

We’ve donated more than 1,300 turkeys in our, now, 10-year run of this event.  We support the Denver Rescue Mission and the families receiving their support this holiday season.  All we ask of you?  Bring a frozen bird and get ready for an hour of high-intensity, full-body action!  This is your pre-Holiday Feast sweat effort!


You got it!  We only have 24 spots available at each session as we align with COVID guidelines.  All attendants must be registered before the session.  The workout is FREE.  Share with your friends/family that are sharing their holiday with you.


Not this time.  Tighter restrictions mean we can only have class participants in the building.

Are we really using the turkeys in the workout?

You bet your ass.  Bring a pair of gloves if you want a little reprieve from holding a frozen birdy.  We will be using them for about 5-10 minutes.