14er Hike

Another year and another opportunity to bag a peak!
Abbe and I started hiking 14ers as buddies. We’d pick a peak every single weekend and go explore Colorado. A handful of peaks later and, well, we became more than friends. Haha! There is magic in climbing above treeline! Putting one’s head down, doing work, staying committed, and looking up to experience a wildly unique vantage point offers a fresh breath. Come share this experience with us in a couple of Saturdays!
Every year we lead a group to a peak. This year we will be taking on a relatively easy hike out of a town stuck in the mining days of Colorado history. Leadville has enough charm to keep me coming back many times throughout the summer. …and just enough grit to keep me on my toes. If you’ve got the time on 7/24 join us for a bit of Colorado fun.
Hike Details
  • Difficulty: Class 2
  • Risk Factors:Exposure: Moderate
  • Route-Finding: Low
  • Commitment: Low
  •  Trailhead: Iowa Gulch
  • Start:12,000 feet
  • Summit:14,036 feet
  • Total Gain:2,150 feet
  • RT Length:4.50 miles
Want more details, and route? Click the image above.