Large Group Training

Team Training, Gallons of Sweat

Athletic Conditioning the goal, you’ll shed extra pounds, increase stamina, and redefine your heart’s limits.

e3 Team

e3 Team brings the sweat, brings the intervals, and gives full-body training a fresh spin. Team fuels each workout with high-fives, back-slaps, and even a few heroic yells. Working through intervals of activity and rest including everything from kettlebells and battle ropes to body weight exercises and speed training, this programming pulls members from their comfort zones and with that creates change.

Broken into 30-minute sessions, e3 Team workouts change focus and continue to challenge the group, because who wants to run the same circuit for an hour? This is A.D.D. fitness training with sweat the white rabbit.

The 30-minute workouts have a singular focus


This ain’t your childhood tire swing. KBs simulate real-life situations where you bend, lift, twist, and move unsteady weight. Develop real strength with real movement.

Mountain Fit

Workouts continue into 60, 90, and 120-minute schedules so members can come for a short sweat or stay for a longer, more complete workout. Time, no longer and excuse, becomes something to chase. Ding ding.

The e3 Experience

Give us 2 weeks of SWEAT!

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