Your 2017 BHAG

By Coach Justin

New Year’s Resolutions = Failure from Jan. 1st. Every Year!

Your BHAG can save you…

This week at e3 we posed the question: What’s your BHAG for 2017? You will quickly realize that we aren’t interested in the standard New Year’s Resolution thing. e3 champions a lifestyle approach to fitness and health. So with that said what if you stopped shooting for the low hanging fruit? Shoot the moon this year with your goal!

BHAG: Big Hairy Audacious Goal

I know, sounds juvenile when you read it out loud. However, don’t let this funny little acronym detour its overly amazing ambition. You picked up on the singular use of the word GOAL. We get the question frequently “what if I have three BHAG’s…?”  The answer is simple: You will not achieve any of them. 

Every time we have attempted to make major lifestyle goals, how have they gone? Were you successful? If so, why? If we’re being honest then you know we can all pick out that person, or simply look in the mirror, and see sheets of affirmations or false promises made to ourselves or others. Stop the resolutions and step up for what you really want!

Goal setting can take many forms. There isn’t just one way to get the process completed, and it will most likely be a fluid process from start to finish. That’s okay. Give yourself room to be creative, allow for imperfection in thought as that’s where the best ideas come from.

In order to develop your BHAG you need to sometimes reverse engineer the process. Instead of starting with the goal (which can be the toughest) start by creating a list of things you would like to improve or change from 2016. Once your list is created then start asking the important questions.

  • Why did I feel this way?
  • How can I change this outcome in 2017?
  • What would be the best way for me to create accountability, and identify procrastination killers in order to accomplish my journey to my BHAG?

These are just a few questions but you get the point. This process is completely custom to you, it must be. Once you have made your lists and come up with your BHAG then you need to share.

In order to share your BHAG you must open yourself to that fun feeling of vulnerability and openness to others’ opinions. You’re prepared for this as you have created your lists on why’s and can now stand up for what you want. The list you have created is the path you will take in order to achieve this crazy audacious goal. Don’t get it twisted, people will think you’re crazy for have such a far out there goal. Good. That means it’s worth the work, sacrifice, sweat, tears, and suffering to get there. Courage can only be courage because there was trade-off. It’s only then called courage because the outcome will be greatness!

Creating the accountability for your BHAG.

We all have the friend(s), family, or mentor that we can trust. It still takes courage, but after you have completed your list of how, what, and why, you then need to share. Sharing creates the path. You will need this person’s help to keep you on this identified path. You cannot expect to do it alone. This person(s) have a huge part in the success of your BHAG. They essentially have the key to your soul. You will allow them to call you out. Be the person to speak reason and to remind you when you stray in times of temptation, complacency, or lack of will. You’re human and it will happen. If you do not have these back up measures then your BHAG just isn’t big enough for you to care enough. This process takes courage, vulnerability, and a singular focus in achieving what you have set forth to do.

In the spirit of 2017…

1. Make a list to start your path to your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

  • What do you want in 2017?
  • How do you avoid regret?
  • What needs changing from years past?
  • Be honest in your list making and allow yourself some room to breath. Don’t be too critical!

2. Establish your BHAG.

  • Your BHAG can sometimes take different shape as you work through your list.

3. Be willing to Share. Be excited. Be Courageous.

4. Allow yourself to be held accountable.

  • Find your BHAG keeper(s) and confide in them. Be vulnerable. Be honest. Be true.

5. Work like hell to accomplish what you have set forth.

  • Eat right
  • Sleep right
  • SWEAT regularly
  • Feed your body through recovery and meditation

If this process is a challenge for you then you’re on the right path. At e3 Fitness this is what we do for those looking to add health and fitness into their lifestyle. It’s isn’t a resolution or tact. It’s a lifestyle, it’s change, it’s a lifelong pursuit. There’s nothing more rewarding then working with people and opening their lives to fitness. It’s a launch board to so much as you just read.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year  ~  CoachC