Do More.

By Coach Justin

The conversation always begins the same way.  We’ve just finished an especially grueling workout.  Sweat glistening on members just as they slip comfortably into that sweet moment of fulfillment.  You know the look.  Wide, glazed eyes and for the first time today at a lost for words.  Yeah…its sweet.  The moment when my job gains clarity.  I helped direct this.  We’ve changed.

Then…that one member, maybe even you, innocently asks, “hey…umm…do you have a couple of minutes quick to chat?”

The familiar stroll to a quiet corner of the gym stirs up the “comforting coach” in me each time.  It must, because without that soft set of white gloves I would far to often drop anvils on these wonderful athletes who simply want better results.  So we walk.  And then we chat.  Now let me be clear, there are very real, very tangible reasons why fitness-related goals elude some people.  At times there are real changes that need to be made to a program, a nutritional approach, or a fundamental shift in the attack being done to their bodies.  Yes, my system is not perfect for everyone, every time.  That aside, after the download from my member, the heart-opening download that brings purpose to my existence in their lives.  99% of the time we go into action mode.  Here’s the golden nugget: Regardless your struggle, diet, fat loss, muscle gain, motivation, energy, etc.  Regardless your Sisyphus-like frustrations.  To move from POINT A to POINT B you must DO MORE.  That’s it.  Just simply add.  Add effort, add focus, add time, add respect.  Whatever you want.  Wherever you are derailed.  Add more you.  You got to this spot in life, right now, this exact spot.  The only thing that will move you from this spot is the very same thing holding you in it.  YOU.  So toss off your shoulders the hope that there is a magic answer and just do more.  You hate running?  Get out and run.  You hate meal prep, fire up that crock pot.  The answers we seek are not those we most often find.  Stop the search Waldo.  Just go do more.  AND THE BEST PART?!  Even just 60 seconds today, right now, is more.  Can you spare just 60 seconds?