Matching Movement to Goals

By Coach Justin

All workouts are NOT created equal.  But I thought if I work out, I’ll be better. Right?  

Fitness options are beyond abundant, and even more abundant in fitness-rich Denver, CO.  As purveyors of fitness, we meet many confused gym-goers.  These fit-folk think SPIN, HIIT training, cross-training, weight lifting, and running are all workouts, and as long as we workout, we’ll make progress.

Disclaimer: yes.  If you do something, anything, you are better off than doing nothing.

But what if you want to go to the next level?  What if you want to avoid plateaus?  Pairing your training with your goals means adjusting your activity for progress.  We often gravitate to what we are already great at.  Cyclists like SPIN.  Runners like cardio.  Meatheads like weight training.  However, if the meathead wants to cut fat and pull definition, he needs cardio intensive training.  If the cyclist wants to rid themselves of low-back pain, they need to strengthen, lengthen, and loosen gluts, erectors, and IT bands.

Lesson: If you are working out intensively, or consistently, and not hitting your goals, evaluate your movement and ask, “Am I training in a method that reaches my intended outcome?  Am I too comfortable with the method of my workout?”