Justin Holle

Justin Holle



University of Iowa B.S. in Finance with an emphasis in Marketing.


Experience—13 years

My path to fitness as a professional came not as a former athlete or from a family of fitness. I came to know fitness after years of pushing aside training as a ridiculous thought, all the while embarrassed that I didn’t have the physique of my peers. After being introduced to strength training by a close friend, I saw the error of my thinking. Fitness helped to create the confidence, character, and perseverance that has allowed me to become a motivated owner in the industry. I saw how simply proving I could pick up that heavy weight, jump that high box, and push past that thought of giving up translated into my personal and professional life. This personal experience fuels my involvement in the e3 Program. It is the basis of my training. It is the reason I come ready to coach every day.

Leveraging the lessons learned in the gym helped me accomplish a goal that seemed audacious, outrageous, and impossible.  After 7 years of racing mountain bikes, starting in the novice category, I moved from a hobbyist to a committed racer and my goal became reality.  At 36 years old I received a “PRO” classification from USA Cycling.  No longer a recreational athlete.  Pro.  Through discipline, not motivation.  Our coaching means more than today’s workout.  Our coaching inspires fitness leaders who can reach unbelievable heights through consistent steps.