Matt Schifferle

Matt Schifferle


What has been your most demanding physical feat/endeavor/adventure?

Completing the Vermont 50 mountain bike race during the remnants of a hurricane.

What’s on your “active lifestyle bucket list?

To live and work in a place where I can ski, hike or bike every day.

What’s your favorite “get-me-jacked-up” song?

“Shoot to Thrill” by AC/DC

What’s your favorite out-of-gym activity?

Anything that involves either going up or down a mountain and playground calisthenics.

The perfect pair of shoes…

Barefoot on the pure white sand of Siesta Key Florida.

My favorite pre-workout fuel is…

Fastlane Tea by Celestial Seasonings.

My favorite post-workout fuel is…

A super thick sub sandwich with a ton of veggies and hot peppers.

If I could pick one food to be made calorie-free, it would be…

My mother’s chocolate chip cookies; it’s physically impossible to eat any less than 5.

If I had only one piece of fitness equipment to travel with it would be…

The latest edition of whichever DIY suspension trainer I’ve built.

The part of my fitness program I struggle the most with is…

Physical coordination and getting everything to work together as a cohesive unit.