COVID-19 Updates

By e3 Fitness

We are open, accepting new members, and running full steam ahead!  Our training program was built on Small-Group Training and we’ve successfully reopened our facilities.  Opening May 11th we have several weeks of experience in safely training our members and navigating the guidelines built to keep both our staff and membership safe.  The following update will educate you on the e3 Fitness Policies surrounding the COVID-compliance in our training model. 

Training Session Capacities: 

Small-Group Training
6 members per 1 Coach 

Large-Group Training
12 members per 1 Coach

Member-Directed Safety Protocols: 

  • Hand Sanitizing/Protection – all members must sanitize in the entryway before entering e3 Fitness. Members may wear provided, nitrile gloves during workouts OR hand sanitize throughout workout after using shared equipment at numerous sanitizing stations around the facility. 
  • Physical Distancing – all members must observe 6’ distancing rules before, during, and after workouts.  Our workout design allows for ample training space for each member and exercise.  
  • Additional Sanitizing – all members must wipe down equipment used before/after training sessions including cardio equipment, recovery tools, mats, and any equipment used outside of directed coaching session. 

Staff-Directed Safety Protocols: 

  • Hand Sanitizing/Protection – all coaches will hand sanitize after coming into contact with any shared equipment.  
  • Physical Distancing – all coaches will observe 6’ distancing guidelines.
  • Equipment Sanitizing – all equipment will be sanitized after each training session. Also, any equipment contaminated by sweat, or any fluids, during a training session will be sanitized before used by another member.  Coaches will have sanitizing tools on hand during session to address any additional concerns raised by members during a workout. 
  • Communal Areas – all shared spaces including workout floor, equipment, and common areas are sanitized twice daily with an anti-virucidal/anti-bacterial solution.

Additional COVID-Compliant Notes: 

  • Masks are NOT required to be worn while in training sessions.  
  • Masks are required to/from entrance to e3 Fitness.  
  • Please do not enter e3 Fitness if you exhibit and COVID-symptoms or have been exposed to a COVID-positive patient in the last 14 days. 
  • Observe posted signs throughout e3 Fitness with regard to COVID guidelines.