2 Fitness Programs, 1 Mission

The semi-private coaching in Small Group Training, combined with the high octane energy of Large Group Training, gives members a comprehensive fitness solution.  One gym with one focus: you.

Large Group Training

With class sizes of up to 20 members, the large group program's focus is Athletic Conditioning.  We challenge your current cardio fitness through short periods of activity and rest.  Suitable for beginners and experts, our interval timer based workouts change format every 30 minutes.  You can opt to do 1, 2, or even 3 in-a-row.   If you're in need of cardio conditioning, short on time, get distracted easily, or love high-energy challenges, this is your program.

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Semi-Small Group Training

Interested in diving deeper into training, the semi-small group program helps you make fundamental changes.  With the individual precision of personal training and the energy brought on by small groups, you'll get to dig deep into your abilities under direct supervision of a coach.  Do the right move, the right way, every time.

Each of our five workouts focus on different key areas: STRENGTH, POWER, PERFORMANCE, and MOBILITY.  Using our Goal Track System you'll take a combination of these workouts to reach your desired outcome.  Personal training made engaging with a community of sweat.

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The e3 Experience

Give us 2 weeks of SWEAT!

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