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The e3 Program

Athletic Training, the goal, coaches sync each visit with the next for measurable, visible results every week.

Goal setting remains as fluid as the energy in our bodies. As we get in or fall out of shape, find new passions or revisit old interests, and most importantly as we age and adjust our priorities, so too must the system of fitness that keeps us at our best. We call it "battle-ready" for the opportunities of life. The most successful athletes will visit 1–2 different tracks in a given year.

Selecting your focused path must answer this fundamental question: "If I could snap my fingers to my most cherished fitness-outcome, what would that look like?" While we know any result, any real result takes more than a snap, the decision does not. The path is there, your Coaches are standing by, your future self is one choice away.

Step 1:

Pick a Goal Track

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

This track is designed for members who want to focus on losing that extra bit of weight before setting performance-based goals. Dropping some pounds will facilitate your engagement in more physical pursuits and make you more confident in what your body can achieve in and out of the gym.

It all starts with a comprehensive body scan, using your initial data to develop a structured path towards sustainable weight loss. Dropping fat requires more than just sweat; it requires learning new behaviors and pairing your in-gym efforts with smart out-of-gym decisions and paring your in-gym efforts with smart out-of-gym decisions. The e3 Nutrition Program will provide you with a personalized, focused approach to your eating plan.

Muscle Development
Foundational Fitness
Ultimate Athlete

Each GOAL TRACK provides you a sequence of in-gym workouts. Complete the weekly sequence and you’ll have achieved the best chance to see your goal in the shortest amount of time.

Here’s your big WHY. Identifying your goal first allows you to charge the carrot and your coaches the chance to help you chase. This decision gives clarity to your effort.

Step 2:

Understand Your Focused Visit



These sessions introduce resistance based movement up to, and just beyond, our understood ability.  We'll take a comprehensive approach to your muscles;  the belly of the muscle for deep strength work, the connective tissue improving muscle integrity, and endurance-focused strength work so you can be stronger, longer.  We use a variety of tools to get there: dumbbells, barbells, bodyweight, resistance bands, and suspension work.  Our strength sessions will make you sore.  Done correctly this soreness, short-lived, will change your muscle makeup.  Broken into both Upper Body and Lower Body specific sessions, strength training builds the foundation that lets us further an athlete's ability.


The FOCUS workouts are designed using functional-style training that challenges the body in the specific workout philosophies: Strength, Power, Performance, Cycle, and Renew. Approach each training session with that singular focus aligned with your efforts and exponential return becomes possible.

Smart fitness programming cannot do everything in one workout. Breaking your focus into these 4 areas offers the chance for exponential result versus incremental steps. When done as part of your training system we can witness faster results in shorter time.

The e3 Experience

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