2-Week Trial

The e3 Experience

The best way to check out all of what we have to offer is the 2-week trial

There are Two Types of Classes


Focus Workouts

A series of weekly workouts that enhance one another. This relationship yields exponential returns on each minute of SWEAT.

Weight Loss

Muscle Development

Foundational Fitness

Ultimate Athlete


Large Group Training

These workouts are built to challenge you in several ways with efficiency and energy the key building blocks.

Kettlebell  •  Battle  •  Inferno  •  Mountain Fit  •  X-Train  •  Enduro  •  TRX  •  Coredio

Our general recommendation is to get 3 days of FOCUS Workouts your first week, then add a 4th your second week, plus at least 4 days of Large-Group Training. The workouts are different Monday – Friday, so try as many different workouts as possible.

What's Included?

Analysis & Goal Setting

Using the high-tech TRX maps system and a 1-on-1 personal coaching session and we analyze your range of ability and focus your training and goals.

Unlimited Classes

30 min, high-energy large group training.

Small Group x4

45-minute structured workouts focusing on either Strength, Power, Performance, or Mobility. Semi-private workouts limited to 6 people per coach.

$89 Introductory Offer

Once completed, select a FOCUS Session for the first possible training session that works for you. We will give you an outline of the program when you arrive and we will schedule out your 2 weeks of sessions after your workout.

Still have any Questions?

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