3 Athletes Exist: Which one are you?

By Coach Justin

Fitness coaches, studios, and programs see a variety of athletes.  New-to-fitness, retired athletes, recreational-weekend-warriors, and average Joes looking for an outlet.  We see skinny, fat, muscle-heads, and wafer-thin hipsters.  WE LOVE THEM ALL!  We love the heart, effort, sweat, curse-words, and random bouts of prayer (…Oh God…).  That said, there are 3 categories of “Interested” that each of these must fit into for success in fitness and health.  Which category are you?

  1. The Competitor: This athlete uses events as training carrots.  Bike, adventure, mud, running, obstacle races spaced throughout a season, or year, as reasons to wake up early, move when tired, or train when sore. 
  2. The “After-Photo”: This athlete has accomplished something to be proud of.  Having come from a place of poor health, fitness, mobility, or pain, through fitness they have found a new version of themselves.  A version unbound from the limitations of a poor health system.  They have seen success and don’t want to move backwards. 
  3. The Escape Artist: This athlete walks the line.  The line between “all together” and “s%$* has hit the fan”.  Whether family, work, relationships, or traffic, the stress and anxiety of life can be too much without the daily sweat session.  This athlete tosses weights, leaps, runs, and grinds for the release more than the results.  

Each of these athletes share a common value: THEY ARE INTERESTED.  When the alarm rings too early, the travel too long, or the body fatigued and sore, these athletes answer the bell.  Every time.  With purpose.  Without this interested purpose, they would’ve taken today off, maybe tomorrow.  Which athlete are you?