Checking the Box

By Coach Justin

getshitdoneYes.  We are saying it.  On occasion, when circumstances are less-than-ideal, your 100% effort may simply not be accessible.  Don’t look so surprised.  Seriously, its 5 AM and you’ve only slept as many hours as you’ve got fingers trembling around your coffee mug.  “Not 100%?  No shit meathead.  Just show me the exercises.”

When facing this reality, what is your default response when it comes to your fitness?  Skip the workout?  Grab it later in the day (not going to happen)? Ignore the guilt and self-medicate with that scone staring at you from the case?  Trust us, that scone cares not about your SWEAT effort, or the months spent being consistent with your fitness.  No, that scone, that screaming child, that deadline, that must-do errand, none of them care about your SWEAT.  But someone should, YOU!  So what’s the play?

Check the box.  A month from now when someone asks you if you worked out today your response will be one word.  Not a litany of responses, no just a word.  YES, I did.  There’s freedom in this.  There’s freedom in knowing that some is enough.  That trying counts.  Can you make gigantic strides with this approach?  Probably not.  Can you reach that outlying goal?  Maybe, but not terribly likely.  However, what you can do is control your commitment.  You can keep your streak alive.  You can find solace in looking at the low hanging fruit, and climbing one branch higher.  This month, check the box.  Take comfort in try.