clear canvas, grab paint

By e3 Fitness

Clean slates and task lists are staples in the “new leaf”, “new year”, and “new you” epiphanies.  However, its more than a cute FB post, magnet on your refrigerator, or sticker on your car window.  Our behavior patterns are harder to change than that.  They require sweat, they require determination, and they require support.  SO, how do we make a new picture of ourselves and how do we do it successfully?Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download?

If you are an e3 Member you just completed one of our Performance Tests.  This gave you all a benchmark of your current fitness level.  Now, with a clean slate (and those of you who aren’t members, reading this can be your clean slate), you can paint any picture you want.  Every day you can determine if you are going to move forward with your fitness, stay the same, go backwards.  Nobody got stronger lifting the same weight.  Nobody got faster jogging the same course in the neighborhood.  And nobody got leaner with unchanged habits.  Get out your proverbial paintbrush and get after it.