Picking the Right Carrot

By Coach Justin

chase carrotWe all know the phrase.  Heck, we spend the better part of our lives chasing one carrot or another.  Sometimes I wish that once I had the carrot, I’d be wise enough to Bugs-Bunny-enjoy that bastard.  More often I simply tick the carrot off my task list and look to the next.  But that’s an issue for another time.

Identifying carrots (goals) forces us out from our shadow.  Exposing our shortcomings and desires.  Its damn uncomfortable.  Many of us, in an effort to avoid the discomfort, pick carrots similar to the carrots of those around us, because, heck, if my friend/colleague/spouse/neighbor are striving for a specific goal, why not hop along?  And…it works!  …for a bit.

An empty goal, my term for these adopted goals based on the efforts and aims of the people around you, will definitely inspire activity to be better.  But what happens when the path to that goal gets tough?  Will you sacrifice the necessary assets to reach the goal when all indicators say abandon?  Well, if its your goal, HELL YES YOU WILL.  If its your goal, mimed from the goal of your friend Bill, you’ve probably abandoned the cause without looking back.  Screw Bill and his stupid triathlon.   Watch movie online Rings (2017)

When coaching people to health success, I often start the conversation with a simple question: “How far are you willing to go?”  We cut through the BS goals in that first minute.  If you are searching for that carrot, look at yourself, not your neighbor.  Shine the light on those uncomfortable thoughts and dig into the truth behind your purpose.  Pick the right carrot.

 …then get some spicy avocado hummus because those bastards make a helluva an evening snack.