Finding your A-HA Moment

By Coach Justin

As adults we struggle with relishing in those moments of accomplishment.  No, its not that we don’t accomplish things, we do.  Its that we confuse accomplishing feats, challenges, or obstacles with merely a step toward another needed victory.  The unfailing foe to a forward-thinking culture is the yearn for more.watch full movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2017 online

An exception to this reality are those annoying types.  You know who I’m talking about.  Those that set attainable, measurable goals both short and long term.  Track their successes, adjust with their failures, and meet their accomplishments with a victorious appreciation.  Yep, the fake characters in your oft-thumbed self-help books.

“A-HA Moments” are those that remind us how small we truly are and at the same time remind us how special we truly are.  This past weekend e3 Fitness shared those A-HA experiences with several members who stood atop their first 14er, and then shortly after, their 2nd.  We trekked, struggled for air, and joined together to challenge our abilities.  After a series of small steps up a formidable obstacle, we saw life from a unique vantage point.  Standing atop the state, we said “A-HA”.

If your fitness program/coach/class falls short of reaching for your “A-HA Moments” its time to reevaluate how you spend your sweat.  While we may never conquer that perfectly drafted goal-setting process, we can experience our smallness and special-ness.  One rep at a time.