giving back with sweat

By e3 Fitness

The rage in community-based fitness events right now involves goofy races with great causes.  Running races, team events, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, all amazing opportunities to challenge your fitness with a goal in mind.

At e3 Fitness we just finished a hilarious event for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.  After raising over $2,000 for the CTF we stripped down to our undies and ran a 1+ mile course through downtown Denver.  Why?  Well A) we are in ridiculously good shape and we’re proud of it :) but B) because we are ABLE.  We are ABLE to impact change, ABLE to bring awareness, and ABLE to make fitness more than personal glory.  We use our sweat to be beacons in our community.  We use our fitness to inspire others to do the same.

If you are on your treadmill in your basement and reading this, step off.  Well, finish your interval, and then step off.  Ask yourself how your sweat can mean more than an excuse to have a nibble of guilt-free chocolate.  Put greater emphasis on what it (fitness) can do outside of yourself.  When you tap into a cause like that, your personal mission to healthy living is an easy byproduct of being a better person.