“Meatless” Protein Consumption

By e3 Fitness

Protein builds/repairs muscle and supportive tissue.  Workouts break down our bodies.  Diets lacking in protein consumption (many vegetarian diets) inhibit our body’s ability to repair and strengthen this muscle and connective tissue.  Not rocket science.  HOWEVER, the growing popularity of meatless diets provides potential pitfalls for the athlete in training.  Below is some information on how to avoid this error and continue reaping the benefits of your hard earned workout, even if you avoid meat.

* A complete protein provides all essential amino acids and sufficient total protein.
* An incomplete protein is either low in one or more essential amino acids, or low in total protein.

* Complementary proteins are two or more incomplete protein sources, which together provide adequate amounts of all essential amino acids and adequate total protein.

Use the chart below to connect complementary proteins (A must for any meatless meal):