Practical HOO-RAH!

By Coach Justin

“The time is now!”  “You control your future!”  “No looking back!”  And on, and on, and…

Motivational speeches transform our realities, our perceptions, and our energies.  They drive us from here to HERE.  HERE WITH PURPOSE!  As e3 owners Clint and Justin soak in the motivational speakers at IDEA World Summit, we want to provide an answer to the post-hysteria hangover question, “Now what?”.

Theme songs and soundtracks are just musical notes without the subject fighting through a plot on-screen.  When absorbing the energy of a motivational speaker, look at the actions that brought that speaker to stage.  The actions.  What physical steps were taken to overcome the obstacle, that lead to the success, that created the vision, that reinforced the passion, that built the platform for the “hoo-rah speech”.  When looking at the physical steps of the fire-breathing-dragon-speaker on stage we discover trends: small, consistent, purposeful.  Have we taken those same action steps?  Today’s challenge: take a step.  NO, you probably are not on a stage hollering in a hoodie to your peers, but, YES, you are in your own shoes.  Looking for solutions.  Desiring results.  Step forward. Make it anything.  A step from the hoo-rah presenters list, a step from your own, a random step without a focused outcome.  Just simply move from inspired to initiated.

The IDEA World Summit teems with fitness-clothes bursting with ripped biceps and rock-hard behinds.  Inspiration crawls over new equipment and through $10,000 Ninja Warrior playground sets.  Motivation recycles on the stage every 45 minutes.  Yet, inevitably, Monday will come.  Gym doors will open at 5 AM, and these weekend hoo-rah’s become weekday training sessions, staff schedule changes, email blasts, and answers “my knee hurts” questions.  Will Clint and Justin respond as the inspired leaders in the conference today?  Will you respond on that early morning with the same commitment you swore you’d have when you signed up for your session?  Can you take the step after the “hoo-rah” has moved on to the next stage?  ABSOLUTELY YOU CAN, if you move.  Let’s step forward.TMhoorah