Reopening Strategy

By Coach Justin


Friday, May 1st – Outdoor Workouts available AM/Noon/PM at Harvard Gulch, Wash Park, and Platte Park. Schedules available online, Friday 4/24 at 6 PM. Class sizes limited to 6 people per session. 6′ Social Distancing policy enforced for the entirety of the session.

Monday, May 4th – Indoor Workouts available at both e3 SoBo and e3 Riverfront. Schedules available online, Friday 4/24 at 6 PM. Class sizes limited to 6 people per session. Many policies enforced for the entirety of your visits. Details below…

In-Gym Training Policies:

Upon Entrance to e3 Fitness:

  • Step 1: Remove any extra clothing/jackets/etc. and store in the entryway.
  • Step 2: Hand Sanitize.
  • Step 3: Put on protective gloves (must be e3 provided gloves).

Intra-Session Guidelines:

  • Avoid touching self (body/face/clothing) with gloves. If you do, please immediately wash your gloved hands in bathrooms or reapply hand sanitizer to gloved hands.
  • During Dynamic Warmup, Exercises, and Cardio Intervals maintain a minimum 6′ distance to the nearest person.
  • Strictly, and immediately, adhere to e3 Coach’s instructions for workout transitions, organization, and direction.

Post-Workout Guidelines:

  • Use sanitizing wipes on any personal equipment used outside of training session equipment. Including, but not limited to: recovery tools, cardio equipment, mats, and training equipment.
  • Remove gloves at the exit, discarding into the trash bin, and reapply hand sanitizer.
  • Go be excellent.

Workout Format:

Session Size: 6 People per session.

Session Duration: 45-55 minutes.

Sessions Offered: 2 Coached Sessions per Time Slot

Order of Operation:

  • In-Place Dynamic Warmup
  • Focus Session Circuit (6-7 Exercises)
  • In-Place Cardio Interval
  • Focus Session Circuit 2
  • In-Place Cardio Interval
  • Focus Session Circuit 3
  • In-Place Cardio Interval

Sessions Offered:

For the first week of May, we will be offering the small-group, Focus Session programming only. In our 6,000 sq ft location we can allocate up to 280 sq ft per person on the coaching floor (12 members and 2 coaches). This far outpaces the recommending spacing per Social Distancing Standards.

After a week of operating with this conservative approach, we will look at incorporating both our Large Group and Cycling Sessions to our schedule.


  1. “I don’t have small-group sessions as part of my monthly membership.” During the first week of May, all limited memberships will be credited 2 small-group training sessions as part of their membership. If this policy continues beyond the first week of May we will offer opportunities for a fair amount of gym usage with respect to your monthly membership and our members already at higher membership levels.
  2. “What about masks?” Currently, we are not mandating the wearing of masks. Of course, you may wear masks, or cloth coverings, as you desire but they are not mandatory.
  3. “What is being done in between sessions for increased hygiene?” e3 Coaches will be sanitizing all equipment used in between each session. This is why we have allocated extra time between sessions.
  4. “Is e3 safe to come to?” We have spent the shutdown doing deep cleaning, disinfecting, and reorganizing of the gym in our best attempt to create a safe environment. “Safe” is a moving target as we learn more about best practices, virus movement, and the changing climate of our membership. We will remain dynamic in our approach and open to suggestions. Ultimately the decision to return to e3 Fitness Gym Locations remains up to you, the member. Our reopening is not a prompt for you to abandon your personal approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please remain vigilant in your determination of “safe” and if that includes e3 Fitness, great! And if you need more time, we understand that too.