Sharpen your Focus

By Coach Justin

The beginning of the year brings on the same rush of “go-gettum-gusto” we see on each New Year.  So what is going to be different?  You still trying to lose the same extra 15?  Is it 20 now?  You going to finally kick that sugar habit?  Do your goals sound more like broken records than milestone achievements?  If so, don’t feel bad.  Feel motivated!  Break the cycle!

This year your e3 Coaches aren’t focusing on what hasn’t worked in the past.  We are focusing on what clarity we can bring to your goals.

chile paintingWatch movie online Logan (2017)

Just a few weeks back I was in Patagonia, Chile spending some time exploring. In pursuit of penguins I asked our hostel owner to show me where I needed to drive in order to see these

penguins.  He proceeded to pull a painting off the wall and trace his finger across the painting outline of Chile.  The result?  A vague understanding of where to drive and how long the journey would take.  How many times have we approached our goals with the same flippant focus?  “I’m going to eat better.”  “I’m going to do more cardio.”  What clarity can those goals bring?

Now, I made it to the penguins.  I’m a resourceful person.  But how more efficient and enjoyable could my journey have been if I was given a clearly detailed map identifying roads and distances?  Equally, how much more effective will your New Year actions be if your plan is as details as a Rand-McNally?

If you want success this year on your broken-record sounding goals, or if you want success on new visions, then you MUST sharpen the focus.  Detail the end-goal and reverse engineer the steps necessary.  Broad approaches equate to failed approaches far more frequently than the sharpened, honed pictures we are encouraging.  Start focusing!