Spring Hike-Prep Workout

By Coach Justin

Mountain Fit Training

Cardio and strength training are great focal points in the Colorado winter months.  However, we’ve all felt the aches and pains in our joints: ankles, knees, lower back, after our first Spring hike.  The workout below helps us address Joint Integrity, Stability, Agility, and the Strength needed to perform our best while on mountain trails: hiking, biking, and climbing.  

This two part series provides a baseline in Mountain Fit training.  Part 1 builds on fundamentals.  Part 2 will challenge even the seasoned mountain athlete.  

Part 1

Perform this circuit straight through with minimal rest.  Each exercise has its own focus and thus you can flow from one move to the next without diminishing abilities, however, we all have varied fitness levels so include breaks when needed.

  1. Single Leg Deadlift with Pulse Squats: perform 5 single-leg deadlifts on an uneven surface (a couch cushion or pillow works great), then do 5 quick squats, then 5 single-leg deadlifts on the opposite leg.  Continue alternating for 1:00.
  2. 90 Degree Hops: align your body turned 90 degrees from an elevated object.  From a squatted position, jump, rotating in air, to land square on the object.  Return to ground rotating 90 degrees in the opposite direction.  Repeat for 1:00.
  3. Straddle Hop to 1-Leg Squat on POD: (if without pod, fill a plastic grocery bag with old t-shirts or rags and tie tight) straddle the POD and hop onto it from a mini-squat landing on a single leg.  Alternate on and off the POD practicing on “sticking your landing”.  Repeat for 1:00.
  4. Wall Sit: slide down to a 90 degree knee bend against a wall.  Hold your upper and lower back flush to wall for 1:00.

Repeat this circuit 4-6 times once per week.