Contemplation + Transformation = Your e3L

By e3 Fitness

It’s that time of year again. The spring birds are chirping and all you can see for miles are aspiring people who think their second calling is running. While we’re happy at e3 to see so many people out there working out and enjoying the outdoors we would like to set forth a different kind of challenge this year.

We challenge you to take a step back and take some needed time for contemplation. Now this can mean many things so lets clarify. Try and vision what’s you would like to get in shape for this Season. Is it running, hiking, trial running, biking, or simply playing with the kiddos. Regardless of your recreational choice here at e3 we treat all and train all as athletes in life. With that being said we must first prepare you for these specific activities. Especially with running it’s important we analyze and train properly to get the body ready for the main event. We see so many peoples goals get cut short due to injury and lack of preparation during this contemplation state. So remember, once you have clarified your goals for the warm months be sure to share them with an e3 Coach so they can help you take a more balanced approach.

The better your approach the better your Transformation process will be. The transformation process is where you put your plan into action on accomplishing your goals. This is where change is experienced and the knowledge of how you got there takes place. A great analogy for this process is that it’s different for everyone. Take your middle aged man who joins the gym in NEED of losing weight. The initial change is quick but then over time the body starts to level off. This process happens due to a lot of physiological nerdy stuff that we’re always happy to get into at another time. However, the point here is that as we should always be transforming as we set new and different goals for ourselves. Be focused on the transformation but not to a default. Make sure you communicate with your Coaches through this process so they can properly educate you on how the changes ‘really’ should be taking place.

Your (e3L)… The most amazing thing is hearing people talk about how they live their e3L. This stands for ‘element 3 Lifestyle’ (if you have been under a rock) and how you personally choose to live it for YOU! The greatness behind e3 as a gym and community is that we get to watch how everyone lives their own individual e3L’s. We certainly help guide people in this stage but this is a lifestyle that’s organic and different for each person and family. The focus is always around health and wellness but after that each person puts their own touch on it! A person’s e3L doesn’t stay the same for the entire year so please understand we’re way more fun in that! Your body is very smart so changing and challenging your e3L throughout the year is a must!

This is why we love what we do!