Swatting Mosquitos

By Coach Justin

FACT: the greatest predator to mankind, the mosquito.  

True story.  Paling in comparison are plagues, war, grizzly bears, and sabertooth tigers.  Mosquitos have done more damage to the human race than any other frustration.  What is our response to the mosquito?  A simple swat.  A shoo of our hand.  Nothing more.

Haven’t we often done the same with our decision making?  The small, near perfect but not quite so decisions that seem to be little pests, but not earth-shaking, pass through us each day.  In a week we may allow several, or dozens, mosquito-size decisions go unnoticed.  These decisions, while alone yield minimal impact – just a bite, accumulate.  When enough add up, we find ourselves derailed.  How did I get here?!  I’ve been relatively good!  I’ve dedicated time!

Have you?  The superstars in health, business, relationship, LIFE focus efforts not on the mighty, but the minor.  Ignore the grizzly bear staring you down, recognize the little buzzing in your ear is your greatest threat.

CHALLENGE:  Count how many mosquitos you can swat today.  Make it a game.  “I’m just a bit too tired.” SWAT!  “I’ll have just a bite.” SWAT!  “I’ll get to it tomorrow.” SWAT!

The more you swat, the more aligned your path to your goal.  GET SWATTING!