Them Skinny Jeans

By Coach Justin

We heard a conversation this week that led us to this crafty, little trick:

We’ve all got that pair of jeans or dress pants that serves as our guiding light.  That pair of pants that lets us know if we’ve been slacking on our diet, forgetting our love/hate relationship with steady-state cardio, or spending more time watching House of Cards and less time prepping our healthy habits.  WELL, LET’S USE THEM! 

Keep those pants in the front half of your closet and every Thursday morning try them on.  Try them on before you get into your morning routine.  

Well, do they fit?  We need to ditch the morning scale visit and use real tools that give us real feedback.  The goal of a fitness-conscious lifestyle is not fitting into clothes, at least not solely, but this weekly activity can help you stick to your game-plan as you move into the weekend (where we often slump in our pursuit of fitness/health).download full movie Snowflake 2017

So, GAME ON to the Thursday Battle o’ Pants.  Happy fitting.