Using a “Workout Mantra”

By Coach Justin

Long phone calls with Mom, your hairstylist, your friend across the bar table, and yes…your personal trainer all eventually hit that “deeper than thou” moment.  Philosophy, friendship, and a little self-delusion collide in a Plato-moment.  Next thing you know, you’re rewriting the ways of the world.

This…. is not one of those times.  Toss out your inhibitions about the term “mantra” and lets talk motivation.

Identifying a short phrase that defines your reason for being comes as a giant task.  However, once completed you possess an infinitesimal amount of power.  Simply saying, thinking, or visualizing this sentence can empower you with the warrior-strength of 300 Spartans.  Let’s find that phrase.

How to Discover Your e3 Workout Mantra:

  1. Why are you working out?
  2. Why are you working out instead of doing something else?
  3. Who benefits from this workout?
  4. If tomorrow, you couldn’t workout ever again, what would you say to yourself today?

Answer these questions.  Find the common theme in your answers.  Build a 5-8 word sentence that embodies these answers.  THEN, repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

Much more than “go faster”, “go harder”, and “you can do it”, your mantra pulls your heart strings and quenches your thirst.  It puts voice to your soul and fuels your desire.  Find your mantra, find your upper limits, and find results.