the points system: use NOW!

By e3 Fitness

All of us need a way to gauge our day-to-day success with fitness, nutrition, and cardio.  Here it is!  We’ve developed an easy-to-use points system that will help you scale your successes each week and in turn identify recurring habits that may set you behind your goals.

  1. Each day has a potential of 2 earned points
  2. 1 point is scored for the healthy eating of consistent meals. (6 per day)
  3. 1 point is scored for an active sweat session. (Dedicated fitness, not rushing up the stairs)
  4. There are NO zeros.  You either score a +1 or a -1 on each point.
  5. Score your plus/minus score daily and then score it on the week.

If your week has a negative score, you got further from your goals.  If your week has a positive score you are closer.  Finally, a score of zero means you are no closer or further, status quo.

Use this measuring tool to align your week’s activities, successes, and failures with your desired goals.  No excuses, you are the master of your fitness.  Its not your job’s, kids’, spouse’s, or friend’s fault or responsibility.  Ouch.