S.M.A.R.T. Training

By Coach Justin

Staying Motivated At the Right Time.

Sweating in your workout for the sake of sweating will definitely yield results.  For a little while.  Moving with intention trumps moving aimlessly every time.  Try grabbing a broom and wandering about your house instead of methodically working from one side of the room to the other, and see which format nets you a clean floor.  Surely wandering about would be foolish, yet we move about the gym, spin studio, park, and mountains with foolhardy attitudes and then become confused by the result.  Solution: SMART Training.

Move past the notion that all workouts are created equal.  They aren’t.  From pro athletes to data-driven sweat nerds, the consensus remains the same: move with intention or don’t move at all.

Train SMART.  Make your warmup exercises SMART for your activity.  Make your thresholds for duration, movement, and resistance SMART for your intended goal.  Make your recovery SMART for your desired movement.

Want to learn where you are being SMART and where you are being… less-than-smart?  Email askcoach@e3-fitness.com and let us help or click HERE and take a peek at what we offer.