How to HUSTLE!

By Coach Justin

They sure do.  But how do we hustle?  Intuition says we simply go “all in” and “try our best”.  Sure.  If we go at a task, goal, challenge, or strategy with a broad “all in” attitude, what happens when we fail?  Aren’t we left feeling that we are just that, failures?  Hustle begets good things, but the correct way of hustling will bring more good things more often.

Here are our 3 Steps to Hustle:


  1. Make it about YOU! Hustling, like goal-setting, needs to be about you.  We can’t hustle for our spouse, our boss, our employees, or our kids.  We hustle for US first, and if we appreciate that focus we will be better spouses, bosses, employees, and parents.
  2. Identify your 5 Supports This is huge.  Trim down your list of people, accountability measures, or key action points to a small list.  If we make hustling complex, it gets complex.  What are the 5 things I need to do, people I need to recruit help from, or measure points for success.  Keep to those 5 and ignore the other feedback sources.
  3. Engage, Learn, Grow Hustling smart requires you to be smart.  If your hustle focus is a new activity, sport, or hobby then dive in and be a student of this new addition.  If your hustling is in an arena you are already experienced in, what new techniques, tools, or people can you interact with for better results?  Trying only takes one so far, we must engage and grow to experience heightened results.