Abbe Holle

Abbe Holle


What has been your most demanding physical feat/endeavor/adventure?

Running my first and only half marathon. Let’s face it, I loathe running. I think it’s boring. I’d rather dance for 8 hours straight learning vigorous choreography than run, but the commitment I made to run for 13.1 miles was a big one and I felt like a champ when it was over.

What is a bucket-list active-vacation/event?

I’ve always wanted to travel to Interlaken Switzerland and do all of the extreme adventure sports they offer, including bungee jumping, zorbing, skydiving, paragliding, canoeing, superlative skiing, toboggan rides, sledding tracks, and much more.

What’s your favorite “get-me-jacked-up” song?

Do I really have to choose?

What’s your favorite out-of-gym fitness activity?

I love to Tap dance, teach 1 hour a week and I’m in my “happy” place. I also love yoga, pure barre, skiing and riding my single speed all over Denver on my days off! 🙂

The perfect pair of shoes are…

Well, I’m a secret hippy and love my Birks! They are so darn comfy….glad they’re back in style, but then again I never thought they were out of style. They’re the only shoes you can wear barefoot or with socks and they still work, because they’re not really that cute either way. Ha!

My favorite pre-workout fuel is…

Not that good, but I don’t workout well on a full belly…usually a banana and a whole wheat english muffin with chunky PB and honey, & don’t forget my COFFEE! An Americano, an iced coffee, or a non-fat latte – get me some!

My favorite post-workout fuel is…

A traditional egg sammy, preferably with chipotle mayo (I’ve learned to make my own healthier version), turkey, cheese, on toasted whole wheat. I do really love our monkey smoothie as well, chocolate!

If I could pick one food to be made calorie-free, it would be…

PIZZA, DUH! Anyone who knows me knows it’s my all-time favorite food on the planet! I could eat it every day, and now my mouth is watering!

If I had only one piece of fitness equipment to travel with it would be a…

TRX. Challenging, yet super effective. Using your own bodyweight for exercises is tough, and a TRX makes everything more dynamic and that much harder….besides it’s easy to pack and so versatile.

The part of the e3 Program that I struggle most with is…

Staying consistent, getting 12 in a row. Because e3 is my second home and I’m here a lot it’s hard for me to self motivate, thus why I absolutely love our program because of the small groups, and the camaraderie …I’m that girl! Classes rule, partners rock, and side by side coach workouts are the ultimate ass-kicker! If I know it’s a day that I’m working out hans-solo I’ll jump into a TEAM class or slide into e3 session.