Devon Edwards

Devon Edwards


What has been your most demanding physical feat/endeavor/adventure?

Hiking Mt. Chimborazo and Carlihuarizo in Ecuador with one of my buddies. The peak of Chimborazo sits at 20,564ft. At around 17-18,000’ the elevation became extremely challenging and taxing on the mind and body. My muscles felt fatigued, my head felt as if it was being compressed together, and each step felt harder than the last. Due to the elevation and drastic weather changes we were forced to turn back at around 19,000’.

What’s on your “active lifestyle bucket list?

I have many aspirations. Some of them are to run my first marathon, begin training for a half iron-man, full iron-man and then getting into some long distance biking and ultra-marathon running. I have always been inspired by extreme athletes, so the crazier the better. Anything I can do that will push my mind and body intrigues me.

What’s your favorite “get-me-jacked-up” song?

“Strobe” by Deadmau

What’s your favorite out-of-gym activity?

Hot yoga, especially the Bikram styled sequence.

The perfect pair of shoes…

Vibrams for sure. Toe shoes are f**king awesome.

My favorite pre-workout fuel is…

Oats with a banana and peanut butter, eggs, a protein shake, and a cold-brew coffee.

My favorite post-workout fuel is…

A protein shake immediately afterward and a burrito bowl from Chipotle. So damn good.

If I could pick one food to be made calorie-free, it would be…

Double chocolate glazed donut

If I had only one piece of fitness equipment to travel with it would be…

A resistance band.

The part of my fitness program I struggle the most with is…

Eating enough. It’s always been extremely challenging for me to get enough food in my system.