Sarah Bate

Sarah Bate


What has been your most demanding physical feat/endeavor/adventure?

I ran a Spartan Race back in 2018. That was the first time I had run 5 miles in my life! By far the most challenging obstacle I had faced at that point in my life and I’m excited to continue facing greater physical challenges.

What’s on your “active lifestyle bucket list?

My goal is to complete a Tough Mudder, Spartan Beast and Hike at least five 14er’s a year.  I also really want to learn how to surf so a week-long surfing school adventure in Costa Rica is somewhere in my future.

What’s your favorite “get-me-jacked-up” song?

“Heartbroken” by Blackbear

What’s your favorite out-of-gym activity?

Yoga Sculpt, Volleyball, and Tennis!

The perfect pair of shoes…

I’m not a shoe person, but I do love adidas.

My favorite pre-workout fuel is…

PB & cocoa, honey oatmeal.

My favorite post-workout fuel is…

Steamed broccoli, grilled chicken, & Chic-fil-A sauce.

If I could pick one food to be made calorie-free, it would be…

Pad Thai- the BEST!

If I had only one piece of fitness equipment to travel with it would be…

Resistance bands. Super easy to travel with, and surprisingly, something that will always make me break a sweat!

The part of my fitness program I struggle the most with is…

getting sleep. I’m really starting to

prioritize rest as it is essential for hunger cues, mental clarity, and energy levels. No matter how much I workout, my results won’t catch up if I don’t get enough sleep!