train with precision, motivation & data interpretation


MYZONE® improves quality of life by providing an accurate monitoring system to encourage effort during physical activity.

View your calories and effort in real time.

Connect to 3rd party equipment & smartphone apps for maximum versatility.

Achieve Myzone status ranking based on effort, not fitness.

Set goals and compete with others by measuring effort levels.

Store up to 16 hours of activity.

Receive email workout summary.

How e3 Fitness uses MYZONE®

e3 displays MYZONE® in-gym during workouts so coaches have precise data on each member during the training session. With this, we coach recovery, threshold training, breathing techniques, and measure improvements. Armed with pinpoint data and real-time feedback, our coaching moves from personal interpretation to data interpretation. Smarter coaching then nets smarter results.

Secondly, with the MYZONE® interface we create challenges both in and out-of-gym within the e3 Community to create involved, team-focused events aimed at pushing us to our highest levels. This accountability measure is unavoidable. Fitness Training meet “Big Brother”. Let the tracking begin.

The e3 Experience

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