Featured Athlete

Brad Nieukirk

Why is fitness important to you?

I woke up one morning with this feeling that I was not enjoying life to the fullest and my daily routine was stagnant. Turns out I was searching for high energy mornings, and feeling exhausted by the end of the day. Increasing my fitness levels unlocked a positive mindset that allowed me to regain my confidence, and be more productive at work! I get up every morning crank out the best workout I can get, and come home at the end of the day feeling accomplished. I also think sweating helps the skin and I feel like I get sick less often and for shorter amounts of time. I love being surrounded by nature, and if I did not start working out, I would not be able to climb the mountains that provide the breath taking views that I strive to see.

How has e3 or the e3 Community helped you in that regard?

I have been involved in the e3 community for a little over six months now, and it has been wonderful. I have a connection with almost all of the super early morning regulars, and they make me want to get to the gym bright and early to get a good sweat on. The coaches have varying skill sets that improved my mental and physical aspects in unique ways. Hell, without you guys I wouldn’t be down 10% body fat!

What’s your biggest ‘health hurdle’ and how do you overcome it?

My health hurdle is not completing the reps/not making it the full duration of a timed move. I usually look around to overcome the mental wall that my brain runs into. Whether it be someone else working even harder on the same move I’m on, the sweat that has pooled under me, or Justin staring right at you on a Friday workout.

What is your next fitness lifestyle goal?

My goal inside the gym is to improve my muscle mass. I had never been an upper body strength kind of guy, but there will be a heavy object that I will need to lift for whatever reason some day and I want to be strong enough to lift it. My goal outside of the gym is to learn a new way to experience the outdoors. It seems like the e3 community is all about mountain biking. I believe I have almost mastered hiking, so why not try it on two wheels and connect with new people at the gym?

What smoothie idea/flavor/theme would you like to have?

I used to make this mean banana Oreo milkshake but thats probably not what you’re looking for.
I like the fact that you can add spinach to almost any smoothie and you can’t taste it. Maybe go with a green theme with spinach?

What non-profit would you like to benefit with your smoothie?

I do! It is Linc (Love in Neglected Communities) Worldwide. They’re currently building a school in Kenya.