Featured Athlete

Jeremy Smith

Knowing more specific info on my body metrics has helped so much.

Why is fitness important to you?

First off I have 3 boys who look up to me and I have a small window of influence before they become defiant teenagers.  I would like to set a good example for them of what being healthy and happy looks like.  I also have struggled with my weight probably since I was 18.  I knew I was overweight but was truly in denial of how overweight I was.  I teetered between 235 lbs and 255 lbs, with 270lbs being my heaviest.  I woke up one day sluggish, could barely get moving, and actually thought, “well I guess this is what my 30’s are going to be like”.  I couldn’t live with that so I set out to make a change.

How has e3 or the e3 Community helped you in that regard?

Going from gym to gym and working out sporadically without purpose didn’t work.  So when my better half, Meghan, turned me on to e3 stating it was set up like our old gym but better, I had to check it out. e3 has the structure that I lacked in the conventional gym setting.   The community has been awesome and supportive.  The trainers give off a great energy that clearly shows they love what they do.  I love coming into e3 knowing that I don’t have to put any thought into the workout.  I know that whatever class I take it will challenge me and leave me walking out feeling great.

What is your biggest “health hurdle” and how do you overcome it?

My biggest health hurdle has been being overweight.  Finding physical balance and strength in the workouts was very hard at first.  I try to take the words from the trainers and focus my movement so that each exercise benefits me the most it can in that moment.  I constantly tell myself that little adjustments to form will make the workout easier and more rewarding next time.

What keeps you going even as you reach your body metric goals?

My Goal when I was 270 was to get to 225.  It was nothing more that numbers on a scale and a goal in my head. Knowing more specific info on my body metrics has helped so much. It took focus off of the number on the scale and lets me see that my goal is ever-changing.  225 lbs was not a destination but a mile marker to a more energetic me.